Resource: Social Advocates for Youth

Social Advocates for Youth is one my favorite non-profit organizations in Sonoma County. They have been doing amazing work for over 46 years to support and strengthen the families in our community. Guilford Family Counseling supports them with volunteer hours and financial contributions. SAY was established in 1971 by a group of compassionate Sonoma County leaders […]

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A Guide to Superbills

A Superbill is a document that outlines the care a patient has received and, if you have paid out-of-pocket, the information you need to get your money back from your health insurance. Here is a simple breakdown that explains Superbills and how Better uses them to process your claims. When do I get a Superbill? […]

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The Powerful Benefits of Parent Coaching

What do you do when your teen is being disrespectful, walking all over your rules and pretending to not even care? You could easily send her to counseling and all your friends would understand. However, that may not be the best course of action. I want to share with you a truth that I genuinely […]

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