The Council for Boys & Young Men

The Council is a strengths-based group approach that promotes boys’ and young men’s safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years.

The Council meets a core developmental need in boys and young men for strong, positive relationships.

In this structured environment, boys and young men gain the vital opportunity to address masculine definitions and behaviors and build their capacities to find their innate value and create good lives – individually and collectively!

Here are the details:

When: Groups start in August & January every year
Time: Ages 9-11 : Thurs. 5-6pm / Ages 12-13 : Wed. 6-7pm / Ages 14-17 : Mon. 6-7pm
Where: Santa Rosa offices
Length: One semester commitment
Cost: $200 per month

The challenges of today’s youth are tremendous and we believe that they need all the help that they can get. A positive and engaging support group is one of the most effective ways to help teen boys.

They are often more open to feedback from their peers than the adults in their lives.

The Council provides an opportunity for reflection, interaction and making positive changes. These groups promise to be fun, engaging and make a difference in your son’s life.


Jim Weaver, MFT runs the 9-11 and 12-13 year old groups. He has a unique ability to connect with young people and help them feel comfortable so they can engage in the group. The boys in Jim’s groups tend to want to keep coming even when the group is ending!

For more info and to sign up contact Jim at or 707-520-4357 x702.


Michael Henry, MFT runs the 14-16 year old group. He has years of experience working with youth and families. Michael is easy to relate to and he is able to make important, but difficult topics accessible for teen boys, which is not easy.

For more info and to sign up contact Michael at or 707-520-4357 x704.