Sonoma County Counseling Referrals

This is a list of the local therapists and consultants that we know, like and trust. At Guilford Family Counseling we make every effort to be a resource to our community, both through the services we provide and also in helping people connect with the right providers. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you don’t find what you are looking for here.

Child Therapists

Mervin Maier, MFT
(707) 479-8142
Santa Rosa

Jennifer Ballard, MFT
(707) 483-9061
Santa Rosa

Dr. Mary Sue Sams
(707) 623-7334
Santa Rosa

Cynthia Halliday, MFT
(707) 549-6910
Santa Rosa

Judy Fiermonte, MFT
(707) 528-1097
Santa Rosa

Dr. Deborah Medansky – Behavioral Pediatrician
(707) 576-1813
Santa Rosa

Paul Margolis, MFT
(707) 284-1978
Santa Rosa

Ashley Mullenger, MFTi
(707) 477-1724
Santa Rosa

Adolescent Therapists

Kersti Lofgren, MFT
(707) 799-4554
Santa Rosa

Dr. Pamela Loman
(707) 490-2241
Santa Rosa

Dr. Lisa Rohe
(707) 849-8324
Santa Rosa

Alicia Wolf, MFT
(707) 479-5164
Santa Rosa

Marcus Moore, MFT
(707) 772-5085

Sierra Dator, LCSW
(707) 478-4351

Christian Therapists

Dean Jones, MFT
(707) 483-4485
Santa Rosa

Christian Counseling Associates
(707) 571-1714
Santa Rosa

Hope Counseling
(707) 763-9484

Marty Schwebel, MFTi
(707) 347-9568

Marriage Therapists

Matters of the Heart Resources
Terri & Allen Haley
(707) 523-9066
Santa Rosa

Christy Shea, MFT
(707) 328-7991
Santa Rosa

Educational Consultants

Bob Casanova, MFT
(707) 544-7000
Santa Rosa

Eating Disorder Treatment

Dr. Cheryl Nygard
(707) 241-3411
Santa Rosa

Dr. Irene Ives
(707) 484-4082

Candace Holly, MFT
(707) 520-4357 x703
Santa Rosa

Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Dr. Mark Falls
(707) 525-9300
Santa Rosa

Anxiety & OCD Treatment

Santa Rosa Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(707) 545-4600
Santa Rosa

Dr. Heather Stone
(707) 291-7386
Santa Rosa

Uriah Guilford

Uriah Guilford is a Marriage & Family Therapist. He specializes in working with teenage boys, young adults and families. Uriah helps young people who struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and anger management. He is also a father, husband and a pretty awesome drummer.