Start Here

Here are the steps to follow if you would like to take advantage of individual and/or group counseling for your teenager or parent coaching for yourself.

1. Schedule an initial phone consultation

You can click the button below to schedule your free initial 15-minute phone call. Our therapist matching expert will help you choose the best therapist.

If we cannot help, we will happily give you several referrals and any other recommendations that would help your situation.

3. Set up first parent session

We always meet with parents first so that we can get the full picture of your family, both the challenges and the strengths.

This helps us decide together on the best strategy for helping your teenager.

We usually schedule this first session with you during our initial phone call.

4. Fill out online forms

Once we agree to work together we will send you an email that will give you access to our online forms.

Everything you submit is private, confidential and digitally secure. The online forms are very simple and the process is relatively quick.

Let us know if you have any questions about this or would prefer paper forms.