Uriah Guilford’s Story

From Troubled Teen to Successful Adult

Here’s my story and some of the reasons why I believe I can help you and your adolescent son.

I’ve had a remarkable journey from a very difficult adolescence to becoming a skilled therapist and a happy, well-adjusted adult.

  • I struggled with depression and social anxiety
  • I was irritable, distant and fought with my parents constantly
  • I struggled with motivation and had terrible grades
  • I had low self-esteem and made poor choices
  • I hung out with the wrong kids
  • I used drugs and had a bad habit of stealing

Yeah, it was pretty bad.

I was not a happy camper. I desperately needed guidance, good role models and help finding my way through a really difficult time.

Eventually, I connected with my school counselor, Betsy.

She was awesome. She believed in me without judgement and encouraged me to make better choices.

I changed my friends, stopped smoking pot and found a spiritual community to give me support and direction. I was able, with help, to pull my life out of a major nose dive. My grades improved dramatically, my relationship with my parents smoothed out and I even got a job.

Everything in my world started moving in a positive direction.

Fast forward to the present. Now I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with my own successful business. I have been married to my amazing wife for 15 years and we have two lovely young daughters. I’m very active in my personal life and enjoy playing the drums, backpacking, reading and hanging out with my family

Life is very good for this formerly troubled teenager.

My mission: Taking the trouble out of the teenage years

My mission in my life and work is to give hope and help to teenagers who have struggles similar to those I once had. I also help parents of teen boys navigate the challenging adolescent years with confidence and compassion.I offer individual, family and group counseling, as well as online products and programs to help you and your son improve your relationship and create a better future together.

My goal: Helping you transform your relationship with your son in a way that brings lasting change.

As a counselor, I specialize in connecting with teenagers, meeting them where they are and helping them to cope with the challenges they face. I am able to relate to teenagers from my personal life experience, as well as guide them to positive change using my specialized education and training as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I use my humor and creativity to help my clients learn and grow. It also helps that I like music, video games and lots of things that teenage boys like to talk about. In many ways, I am the therapist that I wish I had as a teenager.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE. I would be happy to give you a Free 15 minute phone consultation and help you find out how your teenager and your family can benefit from counseling.